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Google Play Family Library fails with Minecraft License Error – Android

Minecraft has been a staple in my household for years.  It just makes sense our offspring would love it too.  We set out to install Minecraft on one of their tablets and to my surprise, no charge, just said: “install”.  Great!  I assumed it was free from all of the other “marketplace” items for sale now, especially with realms.  Come…

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Going into Crisis Mode

Going into Crisis Mode If you have been in IT long enough, you end up experiencing a “Crisis Mode” day. You know, you click a button and immediately all hell breaks loose, then instantly, your brain clicks into crises mode. I had another one today. Tried to update our firewall, which normally has no issues, and comes right back up.…

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Mount EXT3 or other Linux drive in Windows

Want to be able to connect a drive that’s been formatted under a linux distro? Checkout this program called Ex2Fsd Read and write was between 50-60MB/s vs a normal NTFS @ 100-110MBps on this work station. Screenshots are a little whacky because I was playing around too much. The Drive I used was the D drive.

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Treating Shin Splints

There are two primary types of Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome) Before I begin, I am not a Doctor, and this cannot replace your Doctor. Your Doctor is smarter than me on this! Anterior Shin Splints These are the most common, pain along the front of the Tibia. Most shin splits are caused by a weakness in the Tibialis…

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9-16-2017 Sat Workout

This workout is to work Delts, Triceps and Quads. This was not an endurance workout. Pushups, Squats, and Burpees should be 75% of what your max is, modify as needed. Workout time: Typically 45 Mins to 1 Hour Warm-up 2 – Rounds 22 Jumping Jacks 22 Forward Arm Circles 22 Rear Arm Circles 11 Squats 6 Inch works to Push…

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