Tech Fixes, Workouts, Random Things

On this site you will find a compilation of weird tech issues, customized workouts an other random thoughts I come up with.

Tech Posts

Every tech at some point in time comes across an issue they cannot seem to find a fix for, they have scrounged the internet, with little hope.  What is equally frustrating is when a tech asks a question on a forum, but never comes back to post the resolution.  I hope that some of these posts help a tech at some point in time fix whatever problem they may be encountering.

Fitness Posts

Being a part of a local Fitness group has allowed me to come up with a bunch of different workouts that I can post. I'll do my best to post how the workouts go, and what areas the workouts focus on. Would love feedback on these.
These post will also cover my randomized races, like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and road runs.

Random Things

These will consist of randomly awesome happenings.


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