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DJI Phantom USB Modem for RTK Controller

DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK – a WORKING dongle, and how we set it up.

Company recently purchased a DJI Phantom 4 Pro w/RTK.  The Controller requires a USB Dongle to communicate with a cell network to work with RTK.
Our service provider is AT&T, but this should work with Verizon also.

The DJI manual states under Dongle:

  1. A dongle and SIM are required for some product features in the DJI GS RTK app and users will bear the cost of these extras.
  2. Be sure to use a DJI approved dongle.

Unfortunately, DJI does not post (at this time) anywhere a list of “approved” dongles.  We contacted support on two occasions to get a list, and each time they explained that we would have to contact a dealer.  The problem here is we are a dealer.

Setting up the Dongle

I pulled the trigger and made the best guess I could after reading around on some forums.

We purchased a HUAWEI E3372h-510.  Mainly because we can access it from a browser to verify settings vs just a light.



Setup was easy, put the sim card in I got from the AT&T store.  They activated it, but I still needed to setup a profile in profile management.  This I needed help with and called into AT&T support where they were very helpful.  (much to my surprise, I was expected a long drawn out ordeal)


I just setup a whatever user/pass for the profile



I just setup a whatever user/pass for the profile





Setting up the Controller

The Controller Model is a GL300N.

We found that we had to update the firmware, otherwise it just did not work at all.

We updated V01.05.0114 to V01.06.0106, it started working immediately after that.


The dongle inserted into the USB Port:


Pretty slow speed test, but we normally don’t have a create connection in our building.  After some tests in the field, it was faster.  After all the testing (in the field) and setup, we found we only used about 54MB worth of data.

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