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I.T. Side
I've been in the I.T. World for a little over 17 years. I started when I was about 13 years old. My Grandfather gave me 5 computers, and none of them worked. I didn't know a thing at the time, thermal paste you say? Eww, let me clean that stuff off. It took about a month, of piecing them all into one, before I got one up and running, learning what CS meant on the HD I was using, vs slave. It was an old IBM Aptiva Motherboard system that I was able to get running. Loaded up Windows ME, most people hated ME, but I loved it, it was my first system. From there, I tinkered, and explored, eventually teachers at school had issues I was able to fix, and sometimes, i'd get called out of class to go fix a computer somewhere else. I realized after a teacher was willing to pay me to fix her personal computer, that I could makes some extra cash. From there, I just kept going. I worked on residential, graduated to business customers, then started installing surveillance systems, and then Large Wi-Fi networks. Basically if it payed, I played.



I have done work for SONY, Dell, HP, VISIO, Samsung, and the rest of them in some sort of way. I got into warranty work early, and had the opportunity to mess with a large variety of different systems and different issues. Ultimately making the call on replacing a part or not. I have seen roach ridden machines, black tar smoked in machines, files that are unspeakable, files that required bringing in the FBI. With as much as I have seen, I haven't seen it all, not by a long shot. Any IT Professional will tell you, you have to learn to learn, or you will fail.

I have since moved on from that field (sole-proprietorship) and today I work for a small engineering company as their sole IT guy, in a world where learning how things work evolve, and making mistakes is acceptable, that is, as long as you fix it. Couldn't ask for a better place to be.


Tough Mudder - 2017 Bale Bonds Obstacle
Tough Mudder - 2017 Bale Bonds Obstacle

The 1st Point of this "blog" is to post about weird crazy issue's I come across, hopefully it helps another tech at some point in time. Can't tell you how many times I've found a forum post from 7 years ago, and it gets me where I need to be to resolve the issue.

Strong side
I have always had a passion for fitness, and running. I wanted a medium to share workouts I've come up with, as well as some I have favored. I enjoy running Mud Runs, to the likes of Spartan Race (trifecta tribe!), Tough Mudder, and other random local races. If it challenges you to dig deep, it's my grind. I do not give up easy, I'm sure my wife and Mother could attest to that. I can hear them now "ain't that the truth" I primarily workout in my garage gym, and with a local workout group I've started. I focus on body weight movements, and you can sum up my workouts as HIIT Style. I also help coach youth wrestling at a local High School. I hope you enjoy these workouts, feedback is welcomed.


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