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Google Play Family Library fails with Minecraft License Error – Android

Minecraft has been a staple in my household for years.  It just makes sense our offspring would love it too.  We set out to install Minecraft on one of their tablets and to my surprise, no charge, just said: “install”.  Great!  I assumed it was free from all of the other “marketplace” items for sale now, especially with realms.  Come…

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Windows Update KB5009546 Totally jacked up our DC.

This update created a ridiculous amount of BS to fix.  It created a reboot loop that allowed for about 2 minutes after logging in, shutdown abort command did not work, renamed the machine in certain registry areas, subsequently killing shared folders.  It also created renamed the local DNS server with the new generic WIN-* name. This post is for those…

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Removing Unfinished files with Backblaze B2 CLI

Step 1: Download Backblaze B2 Command Line Tool Remember DURING install to choose to set PIP environmental Path or If you run into issues with PIP:   Backblaze documentation has an [-h] in it, remove this.   b2 authorize-account ID Appkey (replace ID and APPKEY with the one you received from Dropbox) Commands to run once CLI…

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O365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugin fails to Uninstall, Loops

When trying to uninstall office 365 Dynamics 365 Outlook Plugin, it attempts to uninstall, then loops back to trying to install. It never uninstalls. The Fix: Deleting all registry entries fixed the root problem. Look for all entries under: Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics CR And Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM You can also follow these instructions