Windows Update KB5009546 Totally jacked up our DC.

This update created a ridiculous amount of BS to fix.  It created a reboot loop that allowed for about 2 minutes after logging in, shutdown abort command did not work, renamed the machine in certain registry areas, subsequently killing shared folders.  It also created renamed the local DNS server with the new generic WIN-* name.

This post is for those that get stuck on this like I did.  Just uninstalling KB5009546 did not resolve the issue.  Also installing the  KB5010790 Out of Bounds update that was supposed to fix the issue, did not fix the issue, at least it didn't fix what it jacked up on the front end.


1. Server went into a reboot Loop:
"Your PC will automatically restart in one minute"
Windows ran into a problem and needs to restart.  You should close this message now and save your work.
2. Netlogon Service will not start.
3. DC not accessible from computers.
4. Network shares hostname changed to the WIN-* name.

What fixed it for me:

Step 1:
Uninstall KB5009546
Windows Server 2019: wusa /uninstall /kb:KB5009546

Step 2: Install the microsoft fix:

Step 3:
Manually changing the computer name (the last key was correct for me):

Key Name: ComputerName
Key Name: ComputerName
HKey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP\ Parameters
Key Name: NVHostName

Step 4:
Deleting the "WIN-* Computer Name" in DNS manager recreated the correct local DNS Server.


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