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Google Play Family Library fails with Minecraft License Error – Android

Minecraft has been a staple in my household for years.  It just makes sense our offspring would love it too.  We set out to install Minecraft on one of their tablets and to my surprise, no charge, just said: "install".  Great!  I assumed it was free from all of the other "marketplace" items for sale now, especially with realms.  Come to find out, I had the Family Library turned on, and Minecraft was part of that library.   What should have been cost savings, ended up being a bit of a nightmare.  Every week, we would get a notification "License error" with only an ok, and the app closes, or we would get a message "We're having trouble verifying that you own Minecraft"  Looking online, wasn't much help, and not surprisingly not much from Microsoft either.  I would have to clear cache, clear storage, then uninstall.  Made even more annoying because we disable the play store.

The errors:

License Error
We're Having Trouble verifying that you own Minecraft on this device.  Make sure you have downloaded and installed Minecraft from the store.  Or simply reconnect to the internet and try again.

I's blurry.


The FIX:

  1. Re-enable your Play store > open minecraft.  This should then allow minecraft to verify the license.  You can then disable the play store again for a couple of weeks before it comes back again.



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