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CRM install fails with: either installed incorrectly or has not been completely uninstalled.

Once Again, Dynamics 365 rears its ugly head.  We recently were updated to Dynamics CRM Version 9.  Most users were unaffected, and the plugin was able to be updated without issue.

However, during 1 users installation, the following error occurs:


14:22:36|Warning| Error 1605 reported attempting to read VersionString for installed product. UpgradeCode={B9D53805-50DD-4898-8B87-1B2891471F5A}, ProductCode={0C524D20-0409-0080-8A9E-0C4C490E4E54}
14:22:36|Warning| Product having UpgradeCode={B9D53805-50DD-4898-8B87-1B2891471F5A} is either installed incorrectly or has not been completely uninstalled.


Oddly enough if you search those product ID's you get results from CRM 2013 and CRM 2015, but nothing about new versions.


The steps that worked were:

Step 1:

I utilized this tool: Registry Finder, based on our blog post here

Step 2:

I went through the process of installing CRM 2016 found here: 

Step 3:

I used the Microsoft Uninstall Tool  and choose Microsoft Dynamics 2016.


I re-ran Registry Finder, to include the Product ID Above "0C524D20-0409-0080-8A9E-0C4C490E4E54", and deleted those entries pertaining to CRM.

Step 5:

I was then successful in installing Dynamics 365 for CRM V9.  You can find this install by logging into your dynamics instance "domain".crm.dynamics.com -> Gear Icon -> "Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook

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