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Microsoft and their on Premise Licensing Causes issues Installing Office 365 Project and Visio.

The task is installing Project 2016 and Visio 2016 on a computer that also has Office 365 installed. We wanted to use our Volume Licenses, a benefit of our Gold partnership. When installing 32-bit Volume license files (Project and Visio) with Click to run office 365, you get an error: This is odd because this machine has 32 bit installed,…

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RPC Server is Unavailable due to Faulty wlan Driver

Machine: ASUS ROG G752VY Issue: After a restart, when trying to login to a machine local or domain, it gives the error “The RPC server is unavailable”. Would not restart from restart/shutdown window. Troubleshooting was remote. User stated they were restarting their machine, when the machine was actually just going to sleep, then coming back on when they pressed the…

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How to setup Office 365 Deployment Tool

Setting up the Office 365 Deployment Tool. Step 1 Download the latest deployment tool, currently that is 201 and can be found here. It might also be found here: Step 2 Save the deployment tool, to a designated folder: In this case, desktop\365 deployment test\ Run the deployment tool -> checkbox/ then continue -> choose the save location…

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Java causing computer not to respond

User Complaint: Computer not responding, running really slow. Troubleshooting: Task manager will not respond. Ran resource monitor by going to run -> resmon.exe Tasklist under CMD showed shows SO MANY JAVAWS.exe programs running. Downloaded JAVARA When i tried to run it, computer froze. So from a remote machine I ran the following command PSEXEC “computername” -u “username” -p “password”…

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O365 Creating a Rule for a Shared Email

To create a rule for a shared email account, you must create the rule from your O365 Mail settings. go to -> Gear Icon top right -> Mail -> Inbox and Sweet Rules

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Cloudberry Unexpected End of Stream Error

Had a user try to do a restore to Virtual Box from an image. In doing so he received a “unexpected end of stream” error. It seems when setting up the plan, under manual restore, we need to choose the first full “backup type” from the list of available options. In this image we choose the 3rd from the bottom…

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CrashPlan Cache Folder Filling up Space on Drive.

Issue: Storage space is low Used spacesniffer to analyze folder size. Found Crashplan cache folder was taking up 140GB. C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\cache Deleted all of the files in the cache folder based on the directions here: