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Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB Disk (Without the Download Tool)

This is a trick to make any Microsoft ISO you need, by “exploiting” the microsoft ISO installer.  aka: This is a roundabout way to make the boot disk, when tools like Rufus fail.

The Windows USB/DVD Download tool, does not always work, so, this for the most part does.

You will need: USB Disk 8GB or bigger, ISO of the OS.

This process will prepare your USB disk to boot to your windows ISO.

This will work for any version of windows 10.

How to make a Bootable windows 10 boot disk.

Go to:

click Download tool now

Choose the closest version that you need, it does not need to be exact.

Once it starts, wait about a minute or two then, cancel the setup, go the USB drive, delete everything but the mediameta.xml file. (sometimes you can delete also)

Copy all the files from the ISO you want to make a boot disk from, then paste them onto the USB drive.  Should boot up just fine.  Have fun!

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