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No internet access on virtual machine using Hyper-V

No internet access on virtual machine using Hyper-V

You setup Hyper-V but none of your VM’s seem to have internet.  You have your ethernet cable in port one, and you have your Hyper-V Virtual Switch Manager properties reflecting NIC1.

Sound familiar?


Windows will not always keep the correct structure for the NIC naming.  The errors you might receive:

Unidentified network



What occurs is Windows likes to wrongly label the NIC Ports.  It will label it as NIC1, but the adapter label might be Broadcom #3

You can see in this screen shot of the servers network connections NIC1 shows #3



Because of this, and because it gets cut off in the default “Tiles” view in network connections like so, it can jack you up:

It’s not always obvious what is happening when you configure HYPER-V.  In Hyper-V’s console, it will use the Nic adapter name, and not the connection name:

I changed the names of the connections to reflect what Broadcom number windows assigned to it.  To help me link up the Hyper-V virtual switch.  In the Properties I assigned the same name as I did the connection for easy reference.






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