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Tough Mudder Half 9-17-2017

Ran the Tough Mudder Half in Tennessee today with a good friend of mine. This would be my first Tough Mudder, and the typical "its not a race" slogan I've heard before, was present at this race. Surprisingly that is very much the case at Tough Mudder. Every single obstacle is built around requiring a team or partner to complete. I ended up having much more fun than expected.  Even better being able to run it with Eddie.

I'd say my favorite obstacle was Everest 2.0. There is a strong joy in helping people up and over a whatever you call it. Especially when they have tried once and failed, and then your grips grab, and someone else comes in and together you all pull them up and over, crowd cheering and all. Such a gratifying experience. Check out the Video

Second favorite would be The Block Ness Monster, you're neck deep in mud water, and you have these rectangle blocks that you must grab on too, and it lifts you over. The tough part is that you must work as a team to get anyone holding on, over. So some go up, while some press up. On the way up and over, you gotta spin, to help weigh down the other side, helping even more up and over. Video

Other thoughts on the obstacles
Kiss of Mud 2.0
-Kiss of Mud was basically a barb wire crawl, fairly short, but got you muddy pretty quick from the start line.
Bale Bonds
-Bales of Hay stacked, that you must climb up and over.
Ladder to Hell
-Wider at the top than I thought
Berlin Walls
-These sucked balls

I do wish they would remove the requirement of having a bib, or at least end the Devil's Beard. It's an obstacle with a net you have to crawl under, and we found multiple bibs that were ripped off others, with safety pins, unhooked, just waiting the poke the crap out of someone. Even if it doesn't hurt someone, no doubt it would be very difficult to clean up all of those pins from the grounds. Most mud runners know how important it is for trash to be picked up from a course.

I also got to meet "B", she's the Queen of OCR.  Anytime I see her, she leading a pack, and helping others get through Obstacles.  She will never tell you that, but she is an inspiration to a good many of us Mud people!

I really enjoyed this event. It was well thought out, and the volunteers did a great job. Will definitely be running the Tough Mudder Full next year.

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