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Shout out to Mava Sports for Making some Awesome Knee Braces.

For as long as I can remember I have always had some variation of knee pain. I was born with a 30 Degree outward turn of my tibia. Also known as tibial torsion. Woohoo. Definitely made me an easy target for getting picked on when I was younger, but could have been a lot worse.  Bottom line, I'm getting old, and my knees hurt.

It was my mission to find a solid knee brace, one that didn't slip, fall down, was durable, was comfortable, and was flexible. That was hard finding one, but I did, and I am very happy with it. I've posted some pics of me wearing one at the bottom of the post.  Did slip at all at these events.  I have not had one issue with these slipping, no matter what I have been doing. They have these silicon(?) type beads near the top, and it holds it to your thigh. Pretty neat idea actually. I have word knee braces without it, and it quickly ends up near my ankles.

The Knee braces of choice? Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeve Support Brace Definitely do your research and find what might work best for you, but these guys are top notch.  My squats and lunges are more stable, and static holds are much less painful.  My knee pain has decreased considerably.  I used to hate walking up or down the stairs after a hard workout.  Now, it's rare that I have any pain at all.  I can't give it all the credit, I do take fish oil, but fish oil alone did not relieve my pain, albeit it did help before I bought these.

I bought these for $24, but last I looked they were $20.  Check them out here: Amazon Link

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